Our teachers are what makes our school outstanding! A hand selected group of instructors who have selflessly dedicated themselves to the field of teaching languages are the core of our excellent programs.

We have two categories of instructors. Some of the teachers have been stumbled upon when searching for candidates to join our team - these are seasoned professionals who have years and years of foreign language instruction under their belts and who, most importantly, teach for the LOVE of TEACHING. Most of them are native speakers of the language (some acquire functionally native proficiency through study and years spent in the country where the language is spoken) and all them make learning engaging for the students. Boring teachers don't make the cut here. The other category of teachers are made in-house. These are aspiring teachers who try their hand at this rewarding craft by first completing a rigorous teacher training program. This group of instructors is very ambitious and eager to get their hands on students they can practice on and teach a number of free language classes before they pass their teaching test. All of our teachers are creative, knowledgeable, patient, and have your learning interests at heart. 

Thank you so much for providing us with such excellent French language lessons. Our French teacher has been really terrific. She has provided us with a strong language basis which will make our trip to Paris much easier and more enjoyable. If ever we need additional lessons while in Florida, we won’t hesitate to call you. Thanks again.
— Susan and Chuck, Lighthouse snowbirds
Studying a new language can be daunting but World Class Languages changes that. Language study here is fun. You work in a non-threatening atmosphere and before you realize it, you’re speaking another language. I study Russian with Masha and she is the epitome of a fine and patient teacher. If you are looking to speak another language, here is where you should begin.
— Joice, Boca Raton
I am finally learning to read and write in Russian and it is all because of the hardwork and passion from my instructor Masha at World Class Languages. I recommend this place to anyone that wants to learn a new language. It is a friendly environment and they have group classes and private tutoring. Give it a try!
— Tanya, Pompano Beach mom