At World Class Languages our main objective is to teach students how to communicate in another language. All of our programs focus on development of conversational skills and also include elements of reading and writing to give students a well-rounded experience in a foreign language. In order to immerse the student into the new language and thus aid the acquisition process, our courses are taught almost entirely in the target language. Our instructors are passionate about teaching and are dedicated to making sure students achieve their learning objectives while also having fun.

In addition to learning to speak a foreign language, students learn about the culture of the country or regions where the language is spoken, such as gestures, cultural norms and taboos, superstitions and traditions, holidays, and cuisine. The number of students in a group class does not exceed six in order to give each student personalized attention of the teacher and plenty of opportunity to practice speaking the new language.

At World Class Languages we currently offer customized one-on-one programs in the following languages: 













Looking to learn a language that is not on the list? Send us a quick email and ask - we might have a qualified teacher for that language! 


To accommodate learners with different learning goals we offer flexible schedules and programs of different duration. Classes can be taught at your site, or at our several training locations available in the tri-county area (Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties). For your convenience, different pricing packages are available. Please contact us today to discuss your learning objectives and to receive a price quote.  


Conversational English program in Boca Raton (private instruction) 

This program is designed for students who already speak English, but need to improve their confidence, fluency, expand vocabulary, become familiarized with American idioms and slang, and improve pronunciation to sound more American. This non-intensive program offers a unique opportunity to focus on developing those skills. Each lesson consists of learning vocabulary on a specific topic, reading a short passage or newspaper article, and then discussing the topic as a group. To become more aware of how the language is spoken by native speakers, the student will go over the multitude of phrasal verbs and idioms that are used daily in American English, and do various exercises until these expressions become part of the student's active vocabulary. Moreover, the program includes American accent training to help the learner gain even more confidence and to be more easily understood by others. Please contact us to schedule your complimentary assessment and be on your way to understand and speak English with more confidence! 


Conversational Spanish, beginning level (private instruction) 

This program will lay a solid foundation of conversational, reading, and writing skills on which the students can continue to build on afterwards. Upon successful completion of the program the students will have a survival level of proficiency as well as basic understanding of the Spanish grammar. The course includes a lot of conversation practice, as well as reading and written homework assignments. Students are encouraged to practice the newly learned skills right away out in the real world of South Florida, abundant with native speakers of this rich language. The course will be taught by one of our professional teachers, a native speaker of Spanish, with several guest teachers from different Spanish-speaking countries to expose students to accents, some vocabulary, and cultural insights from different parts of Hispanic world.


Intermediate/Advanced Spanish Conversation (private instruction)

Improve fluency by discussing various topics, learning new vocabulary, getting acquainted with the culture of Spanish-speaking countries, and by reading authentic materials in Spanish. 


Conversational French (private instruction)

Conversational French is offered for students of different levels of proficiency (beginning, intermediate, advanced). Our dynamic classes are taught mostly in French and focus on oral communication, reading and vocabulary expansion, with written homework assignments for those who want extra practice. Cultural insights and field trips to French-speaking cafés and restaurants are a part of the program.


German for beginners (private instruction) 

Discover the fun of learning German! During this language course our very dynamic and talented German teacher will focus on developing students’ ability to understand and speak German. During the very first class students will start speaking German and will learn greetings, introductions and common courtesies, as well as nationalities and talk about where one is from. Throughout the course students will learn basic vocabulary such as most commonly used words, numbers and colors, learn how to express wishes and likes, talk about food and practice ordering in a restaurant, name and describe things and places, talk about routine day-to-day activities, and much more! While the focus of the course is on listening and speaking, there are elements of reading and writing that will give each participant well-rounded basic skills in German.


Italian for beginners (private instruction)

Learn to speak Italian this year! This course is taught by an experienced teacher, a native speaker of Italian. Since the focus of the program is conversational skills, you are guaranteed to be practicing speaking Italian most of the time (with elements of reading and writing). Upon successful completion of the program students can expect to be able to introduce themselves in Italian, talk about their emotional states (happy, sad, angry) and physical (hungry, thirsty, cold, hot) states, order food in a restaurant, name objects that are used on a daily basis, talk about places and things in the city, ask and answer some basic questions, express gratitude, and a lot more. The course will also include wealth of cultural information, from numerous gestures used in some parts of Italy, to cultural norms and taboos. In addition to that, the participants of this class will venture on several field trips in order to practice Italian with native speakers out "in the real world".


Portuguese for beginners (private instruction)

Learn basics of Portuguese! After having completed this four-week course students should be able to do the following in Portuguese: greet people, introduce themselves, use common courtesies, talk about family members and describe family relationships, talk about days of the week, months, schedules, tell time, talk about people: describe physical appearance, nationality, job, telephone number, where someone lives, talk about how someone feels emotionally and physically, name and describe objects and places in terms of size and color, talk about food and shopping, use some verbs of motion in the present, ask and answer basic questions, as well as learn lots of vocabulary! In addition to conventional classroom instruction, which, of course, entails a lot of conversational practice as opposed to explanations of grammar rules, students will participate in various cultural events in the local Brazilian community where they will hear how the language is spoken in the natural environment among native speakers and have an invaluable opportunity to apply the skills learnt in the classroom to real-life interaction. After the initial four weeks the course continues, and students who want to achieve higher level of proficiency are invited to continue with the program.


Russian for beginners (private instruction) 

Learn to speak Russian with our effective conversational program! During the very first lesson the student will learn to introduce her/himself, greet others, and learn some basic vocabulary that we encounter in everyday life. As the course progresses, the student will learn how to talk about things they do every day, use numbers, talk about time and days of the week, how she/he feels, ask and answer basic questions, ask for help, describe people and things, and much more. Through the use of colorful flashcards, body language and authentic materials, the instructor, who will speak mostly Russian during each lesson, will teach the student to communicate in Russian. Classes are taught in a relaxing, fun atmosphere, and the student is guaranteed to learn to understand and SPEAK Russian!

If you are a total beginner and would like to get an idea of how much you can expect to learn in a fifty-hour course, take a look at our Basic Program Outline

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