"If you don't use it, you lose it" is what they say about a foreign language that is not being practiced regularly. And who would want to lose such precious skill that you have hours, if not months or years, honing? And not only do you not want to not lose what you have learned already, you want to continue growing and learning more because of the euphoria produced by speaking another language other than your native.

We have created the Spanish Club with YOU in mind. We know how much you want to continue improving your conversational Spanish, read thought-provoking literary works, and meet with other like-minded enthusiasts of the Spanish language. The meetings of our Club are held twice a month (a rather small time commitment, we know how busy you are) in Boca Raton and will give you an opportunity to grow, learn and expand your horizons.

The Spanish Club is designed for students of intermediate to advanced levels of proficiency. Not sure what your level is? Schedule a free fifteen-minute evaluation. 

Meetings of the Spanish Club will be facilitated and conducted by our amazing Rosario, an outstanding instructor from Colombia with more than thirty years of teaching experience. 


first and third Saturday of every month

from 10 - 11:30 am

Membership fee: $45 per month